Saturday, July 22, 2006


This morning was pretty boring. I woke up and lamented that I'd lost my cable connection, but managed to check the news on the DSL connection. It didn't matter much. I keep obsessing about the book that is about to be published, the one I worked on for 10 years, and it seems just short of being done every time I think about it, although now it is much closer to being done.

Yesterday I went to see A Scanner Darkly and today I went to see Clerks, with a friend of mine who may or may not be altogether one of my best friends, but does manage to spark a bit of interest in my burned out husk of an existence, and I am glad that he comes down to see me.

Clerks was kind of a rugged film, but then the first one was rugged too, just not as drastically. I doubt you'll find many muslims attending Clerks. So screw them and if they do I hope they are vaingloriously offended and we have greater opportunities through shock to theraputize the few left.

Never mind - now I'm being crass. Do unto others is the Golden Rule...but who cares really? They've already done...Are we not returning the favor by turning their buildings into rubble and their women into prostitutes, and their homes into slave pits? Let them eat dust...When we died on 9-11 it was not for nothing.

You said to write something now, you must have wanted to hear what was really on my mind...
So you've got it. I'm prepared to offend an entire faith to defend my country and those of similar for the most part peace loving peoples.

Nobody asked for genocide, but they gave it...Let us return the favor and uproot some bad guys in the process...let's go that extra mile and trample on every citizen's right because we're bigger stronger and home fed on McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Bisquick...Let's keep peeling those Potatoes Beetle Bailey and keep churning out those Kevlar Vests...and maybe at some point 20 years from now, when the bulk of us are actually living in the Middle East, and Voting by proxy from the Middle East, we might just have a happy fucking home in the Desert.

I mean who really gives a shit about things like Agriculture, or industry, when you've got the Cheap Heroine Addicted French Whores of Iraq at your immediate disposal?

Have I said enough?

No. But you didn't listen anyway...You just wanted to shoot your gun in the air on the 4th of fucking July and sing "What a wonderful world..."